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Using Laravel PHP Framework With VirtualHostX

Laravel is a bit more complex to setup that most PHP frameworks. The main difference between it and other more-standard PHP apps, is that your "Local Path" and "Web Root" point to different directories - rather than being the same, which is normally the case.

In VirtualHostX, once you’ve selected your Laravel website, make sure that…

  1. The "Local Path" is pointing to your project's top-level directory.
  2. The "Web Root" is pointing to the "public" folder inside your "Local Path" directory.

Also, make sure all of Laravel's dependencies are installed using composer, if they're not already. If they are installed, you should see a whole bunch of files inside your project's "vendors" folder.

After making the above changes, click the "Apply Changes" button in VHX's toolbar and then try your website again.

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